About Me

Hi my name is Sarah, firstly I would like to welcome you to my website and I hope that your questions are answered with all the information I have gathered here for you.  If there is anything that you are unclear of please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call for an informal chat.

I first came into counselling as I was intrigued to know how a talking therapy could help overcome so many issues.  After doing my training and partaking in my own personal therapy I was truly amazed that talking really does help.

Being able to unpack thoughts and feelings that only grew in my head was revolutionary and made me crave more, sure it wasn't an easy ride and counselling can sometimes be really hard to experience. This is why the relationship between therapist and client is so important.  If you find that you click with someone it is amazing how being seen and heard by that one person who does not know you or your past can be the key to having that non-judgmental, safe space to explore your worries and fears.  Change really can happen. Taking control over my life again was the point in which I knew I had to continue on this path so I can help others to realise their full potential.  I started to live again and not just exist in the pressures of the world we live in today.  I started to enjoy life again and I know that once you have taken that first step into self discovery you really will feel the same. So please read the sections carefully and choose the right Counsellor for you because the connection you make with yourself can be life changing.  Contact me for a free initial consultation to see if I am that Counsellor that can help you re-connect with yourself.

My approach

I use a range of models in my work and this gives me a diverse range of skills to be able to adapt each session to each individual. I work in a person centered way to build the therapeutic relationship which is the base of all the work we will do together, this enables you to feel heard and for trust to grow so you are able to speak freely of your emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs.  I use theories from Transactional Analysis to help you understand what Ego states you are in and how they affect you in the here and now and how this affects your relationships and self.  I also draw from a psychodynamic approach as sometimes we need to visit the past to enable us to clear our future paths in the here and now.  The one thing I do with all my clients is to let them know that they are the expert in their lives not me.  We will work together to explore your feelings and I will be lead by my client as these are your sessions to discuss whatever you would like to bring.  I have a particular interest in depression, anxiety and self esteem. This can be the reasons that stop us from striving to be the best versions of ourselves and many times this comes from years of unhappy experiences and negative thoughts. 

DEPREESSION sometimes comes from DEEP REPRESSION and making the link can be the first step into making life better.