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In line with current GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation 2018 

all details of your personal information. Personal information I collect from clients seeking counselling are, but not limited to,


-Date of Birth

-Family history that is relevant to the counselling work involved

-Next of kin

-Doctors details

-Contact details including phone and email address



-Safeguarding risks involved in counselling

-Client expectations, objectives and goals 

Information and all other works including any creative work done during sessions will be kept in a secure locked cabinet.  I will be the only person who will have access to the records.  Each record will stay with me for 7 years after our last session and then destroyed, this current length of time is a requirement under my current insurance. 

I do not store client phone numbers on my phone.  Emails will be protected by a password that only I know.

People are able to leave reviews on my face book page but I would strongly suggest you only do this if you are comfortable with others beyond my control knowing your name and seeing your profile.  



 All sessions are confidential everything we speak about stays between us but there are situations that confidence would need to be broken.  This includes if you tell me you intend to harm yourself or others, money laundering, terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000, harm to children under the Children's Act 1989.  It is vary rare but there could be a time that your notes could be called under the court of law if relevant to a particular case or law that it affects.  If any of these circumstances arise we will discuss this before any confidentiality is broken.

As a member of a governing body (National Counselling Society) I adhere to there Code of Ethics and professional practices.  Under this framework it is essential that I engage in clinical supervision as every Professional Therapist will.  This is to keep both myself and you as a client safe with safe practices and ethical working.  During these sessions only your first name will be disclosed no other personal details this is to keep you anonymous.  The purpose of the sessions apart from safe practices is so I can continue to help you move forward. We can always discuss any concerns that you have around these areas.


As a registered member of the NCS ( National Counselling Society) I adhere to their Code of  Ethics.  Please find the link here: