What is Counselling?

Counselling is based of a therapeutic relationship between two people, the counsellor and the client.  it is a space that is created to help explore difficulties in your life that you are experiencing that is inhibiting you to lead a full and happy balanced life.  I would like to explain it as self care.  People go to the gym to help their physical well-being healthy, people also eat healthy to help keep their weight in a healthy range.  Counselling is a way of keeping your mental well-being healthy. People are able to connect with another human being and discuss issues in a non-judgemental environment and are able to make changes to their lives gaining self esteem, confidence and control over their own lives.

Choosing a qualified counsellor

Choosing a Counsellor can be a daunting task and this is why many counsellors offer a free initial session to see if we you are able to work together.  When choosing a counsellor please remember to choose someone who holds professional qualifications in the field.  You will find that many counsellors are members of governing bodies, and therefore adhere to their Code of Ethics. What does this mean for you? well this means that as qualified counsellors we have to engage in clinical supervision, this is done to keep up with best practices and safe working for both therapist and client.  I have your best mental wellbeing at the heart of what I do and because of this I am Accredited member of the National Counselling Society and adhere to their Code of Ethics.  You can find the link for this in my privacy policy.

I am a verified professional Counsellor you can find me on the National Counselling Societies register

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